Back in 2015 I was feeling lost, despite having a Silicon Valley business with a team internationally in London, San Francisco and Shanghai. I was still feeling unfulfilled. I was wondering why I wasn’t spending as much time on my business and self-sabotage was taking place. I found this very strange as everything I had previously wanted was coming together, I was reaching my goal but something was still missing.

This was when I realised that I needed to do something very different with my life. I quit the business and started researching what it takes for people to be truly fulfilled in life. What was it that would take a person with no money to be truly happy? What was it that would lead a successful man like Robin Williams worth $50 million to hang himself, despite accomplishing more than most people could wish to do in a lifetime? I wanted a framework and to develop a system around it, that could take someone from the worst place of his or her life to a truly fulfilled one in the quickest time possible.

This took me on a journey of self discovery and in depth research leading me across various countries studying both Eastern and Western books, philosophies and advanced self development courses to come to an in depth understanding from various perspectives.

After this I realised that I needed to target 3 key areas:

The first was to understand how to create change in the quickest time possible. Tony Robbins was the man to learn from given his decades of experience working with Presidents, Billionaires and World Class athletes all over the globe. I became certified under Tony as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach learning how to help people transform using his most powerful techniques. This gave me the skills to move. However what I still needed was to quickly remove traumas from people’s lives, especially those who are suicidal.

Therefore I moved on to become a certified Nu-Rekall Zero Suicide Facilitator. Through Matthew Duvel’s 30 years of suicide hotlines, I learnt advanced procedures to remove suicide ideation from people. Unlike Tony’s techniques I wanted to eradicate suicide completely so that it was no longer an option. Now I can do that in 5-20 minutes depending on the types of trauma experienced.

My last piece of the puzzle was to understand where I needed to move people to. This is where I created the Fulfilment Artist Framework, which gave me a much better understanding of the exact aspects of people’s lives to change in order to bring them the most happiness and fulfilment in life. I teach this framework in my seminar How To Discover The Art Of Fulfilment.

These 3 combined have given me the skills to understand how to create the change that people have wanted for many years. I help my clients create this change and sustain it. This is not motivation that varies day to day. This is a sustainable impactful change that lasts forever.

I help make these changes in every aspect of your life, which accumulate in quick succession, to allow you to paint the picture for your life now, instead of in 10 years time.

I help people explore their deepest fears, push them out of their comfort zone and create that transformation they are looking for.

If this is something you want, drop me a message and lets see if we could be a good fit working together.