When I started on this journey, I was perhaps in a similar position to yourself. I was feeling lost, despite having a Silicon Valley business with a team internationally. I was feeling unfulfilled and self sabotaging in my life, working on other projects and damaging my relationships. It was then that I had the biggest shift that I’ve ever experienced, I lost my father to suicide. My dad and I were so close and I couldn’t believe that despite everything, he could take his own life. It shook my world in ways that is very difficult to explain in writing but if you have ever had a similar experience, I am sure you can relate.

This trauma, shifted my life and I quit the business to start researching what it takes for people to be truly fulfilled in life. How could a person with no money be truly happy? What was it that would lead a successful man like Robin Williams worth $50 million to hang himself, despite accomplishing more than most people could wish to do in a lifetime? I wanted a framework and to develop a system around it, that could take someone from the worst place of his or her life to a truly fulfilled one in the quickest time possible.

This took me on a journey of self discovery and in depth research leading me across various countries studying both Eastern and Western philosophies and the best self development courses to come to an in depth understanding of the human psyche from various perspectives.

I already had a great foundation, due to my understanding of how to program my mind using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) This in essence is a tool breaking down how successful people think and the patterns that they run to create outstanding results. However, over the years it has also been used to help solve many people’s problems from addictions to PTSD. This foundation was a good start, but I needed to have better skills in order to really shift people the way I needed to.

I started to model excellent coaches and found someone that I believe to be one of the best in in the world, Tony Robbins. I have now worked with Tony at events globally and undertook his training with Chloe Madanes a Leading Family Therapist to become a Strategic Intervention Coach giving me the tools needed to really shift people in a way that would be fast but also sustainable. This enabled me to create a permanent shift in people’s psyche to create lasting transformative change in their lives.

From here I had enhanced my skills and could certainly shift people very easily, however the next problem I faced was where to shift people to. This moved me into more research into people’s lives uncovering what it truly means for them to be fulfilled in life. After years of studying, implementing and testing, the Fulfilment Artist was born. I developed a powerful framework that could be applied to anyone’s life that gives them clarity on what really gives them a deep sense of fulfilment. The truth is we are all unique and what makes you fulfilled or me fulfilled are completely different. However, there are common themes and by using the Fulfilment Artist Framework we can start to uncover your own patterns, to delve deep into what truly matters to you in life and how to give you a deep sense of fulfilment that many people spend their lives searching for. I teach this framework in my Fulfilment Artist Intensive Seminar that I run around the world and use it with clients to help them shift in all aspects of their lives.

At this point I realized that I had one missing piece, I knew how to shift people and where I needed to take them, however I hadn’t yet developed the skills I believed I needed to work with people that are suicidal. I didn’t want to have to spend months helping people out of being suicidal. I wanted it to take less than an hour and now I can. I found the world’s leading expert in Suicide Matthew Duvel who has been working on suicide hot lines for over 30 years. His 1 to 1 training gave me the skills as a Nu-Rekall Zero Suicide Lead Trainer to be able to remove suicide from people in between 5-20 minutes depending on the type of suicide that they have. This skillset completed what I needed to help people shift in the fastest way to truly create a phenomenal life. I now work with business owners around the world just like you who need a radical shift in their life, you maybe interested in getting in contact now  or if you would like to know a little more about me personally before you get in contact, carry on reading:

Some things to know about me:

I am in an international relationship and fly globally to be with my partner Evelyn

My favourite ice cream is Salt and Straw: sea salt with caramel in a waffle cone

I love travelling and have been global trotting for the past 4 years

I don’t like people being late, time is more valuable than money

I am musically tone deaf reaching grade 1 Violin after 5 years

I completed a 6 month body transformation as I let myself go

I am fascinated with optimising human energy and potential

I had weak ankles and had to do 2 seminars on crutches

I enjoy going to the gym, skiing, running and yoga

I did a sky dive and was absolutely petrified

I have the biggest sweet tooth for chocolate

I rode camels and they smell horrendous

I really enjoy a good glass of red wine

I love street dancing

I am British